Even Marvel Superheroes Have Super Bowl Food Tips

Who is that masked chef?
Who is that masked chef? Photo: Food Network

Anyone nostalgic for those old back-of-the-comic ads, which would feature, say, the Incredible Hulk in a shameless six-panel plug for Hostess Fruit Pies, is going to get a kick out Cap’s Big Game Bites, a somewhat more grown-up version featuring chefs and Marvel-themed recipes. So far, Louro chef David Santos has put up recipes for “Cap’s Bacon Apple Pie” and “Nick Fury’s Fried Dough Pizza.” Do or Dine’s Justin Warner — no stranger to superhero garb himself — has just posted his “Avengers’ Shawarma Tacos,” inspired by the post-credits scene from the film. We’re told more chef team-ups will be online later today. [Marvel]