Marco’s Closed Because of Plumbing Problems, Hopes to Reopen Tomorrow

Marco's, back before anyone had ever heard of the polar vortex.
Marco's, back before anyone had ever heard of the polar vortex.Photo: Melissa Hom

Marco’s was one of the unqualified hits of 2013. It opened in September and, in December, Adam Platt awarded the spot three stars (“… you may think you’ve died and gone to restaurant heaven”). The same month, Pete Wells gave the trattoria a glowing two-star review. Platt also called it one of the year’s ten best new restaurants. But now Marco’s has been closed since last Thursday, owing to pipe troubles that are the result of the cold weather. A rep for the restaurant says the team is aiming to get everything open tomorrow, but there’s no guarantee, which is probably little consolation for customers looking to try the kitchen’s lamb chops Scottadito and heirloom rice. (The rep adds that despite the lost revenue, the staff is still being compensated during the closure.) Needless to say, owners are encouraging would-be diners to head to sister restaurant Franny’s instead, and Grub hereby suggests you head to Marco’s just as soon as they’re back in business. [Earlier]