Park Slope Leske’s Bakery Outpost Closes

"Rising costs" shut it down.
"Rising costs" shut it down. Photo: Leske's

Fans of the delightfully Old World (Charlotte Russe) and newer-school (peanut-butter-glazed raspberry-jam doughnuts) mix of sweets found at Leske’s, which rebooted in 2012 after a half century of kringles in Bay Ridge, will be unhappy to learn that the Park Slope branch of the bakery at 588 Fifth Avenue, near Prospect Avenue, has closed. Here’s Park Slope says a note has been posted on the front door blaming “rising costs” for the closing; though it also says the bakery’s owners are possibly looking to relocate within the neighborhood. Here’s hoping — in this day and age, a well-made doughnut is a thing of beauty, but a well-made doughnut that happens to ring up for $1.25 practically registers as a miracle. [Here’s Park Slope, Related, Related]