Yeah, a Cake Made of Kit Kats Looks Pretty Much Just Like We Imagined It Would

Perfect for the lucky couple in your life.
Perfect for the lucky couple in your life. Photo: Courtesy of C.B. Cebulski

Marvel Comics talent scout (and friend of Grub Street) C.B. Cebulski recently found himself face-to-face with this three-tiered beauty in the basement of the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, where the Kit Kat Chocolatory opened on January 17. The Chocolatory sells only gourmet, limited-edition Kit Kat bars produced in conjunction with the high-end Patissier Takagi. According to Cebulski, who filed a detailed, first-hand report from the chocolate-bar front on his blog Eataku, intrepid customers who brave the winding line through the cramped store to get to the special flavors (“Sublime Bitter’,” “Special Cherry Blossom Green Tea,” and “Special Chili”) are treated to an exhibit of sorts featuring a historical Kit Kat display, sneak peeks at forthcoming releases, and a chandelier made of candy bars. Oh, and this cake, which clearly belongs on the cover of Brides, or at least in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Candyland movie, which sounds like a fake Adam Sandler movie, but is very, very real. [Eataku, Related]