Internet-Connected Refrigerator Guilty of Zombie Spam Cyberattack

Remember when it just stored Spam?
Remember when it just stored Spam? Photo: Shutterstock

During a two-week period over the holidays, Quartz reports, some 100,000 Internet-enabled devices such as TV sets and “at least one refrigerator” were harnessed as part of a hacker-controlled “zombie network” that sent out 750,000 spam e-mails around the world. So, basically, it’s come to this: In the near future, you’ll get to choose between buying a fat-shaming fridge that seizes up and pings your Facebook friends anytime it suspects you of overeating, or one that feels endlessly compelled to tell the world that it’s best friend’s half-sister makes $75 per hour on the computer, and even though she’s been unemployed for nine months, her paycheck last month was $16,471, all from cooling a six-pack and a steak for just two hours!!! [Quartz]