Teen Who Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Sentenced to Life


The last two years have been something of a criminal odyssey for 19-year-old Max Wade, otherwise known as the kid who brazenly stole Guy Fieri’s bright-yellow Lamborghini way back in 2011. The California teen now faces a sentence of 21 years and four months, then will begin serving a life sentence, the Marin Independent Journal reports.

What began as a quest to impress a girl with a flashy stolen car worth $200,000 — which, had it stayed at that, maybe could have been endearing in a PG-13-movie kind of way — quickly devolved into a more depressing and bleak matter when investigators determined that Wade shot two teens, including a girl who had angered him. Wade allegedly tried to draw a Glock from his waistband when detectives closed in to arrest him, and even his post-apprehension life has been a little bit strange: First, Wade’s friends tried to bust him out of jail; later, he got his own commemorative rap song. The celebrity chef himself seemed a bit apprehensive when he took the stand last November, but managed a typically theatrical display outside of the courtroom.

During his trial, investigators said they’d also uncovered evidence indicating Wade was planning a heist of a jewelry store with some $6 million of inventory inside. Under the terms of his sentence structure, Wade may be able to begin applying for parole as soon as he serves 85 percent of the lesser sentence, and “could theoretically be released before he turns 40,” the paper reports. Who knows, maybe he’ll take up cooking in jail.

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