Chef Sues Gordon Ramsay at the London After Allegedly Cutting Tongue on Burger

Gordon Ramsey at the London.
Gordon Ramsey at the London. Photo: Courtesy of the London

A German chef who visited New York City last March alleges that he bit down on a burger at Gordon Ramsay at the London and encountered a “sharp object that was concealed between the buns.” The Daily News identifies the object inasmuch as it calls the hamburger “tongue-slicingly delicious,” while legal papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court say it was “ceramic or other material.” Marcus Barthel, who is now seeking compensation and legal fees, alleges that he not only lost blood as a result of the injury, but also his sense of taste. The injury is so bad that he is no longer able to work as a professional chef. Though the hotel establishment bears his name, Gordon Ramsay has no connection with the restaurant. [NYDN via Eater, Related]