Gordon Ramsay Lost a Bottle of Champagne at Qatar Airport

Fuming. Photo: Getty

The British chef tried to sneak a bottle of Dom Pérignon through customs on his way to visit his restaurants in Qatar, knowing full well that the state has an absolute ban on alcohol. “The alarm went off and I got called into a little room. So it’s been confiscated — the first time I’ve ever lost a bottle of Dom Pérignon! It was a birthday present from a dear friend,” he said. Ramsay, who also prevailed during his first Ironman last year, seized the opportunity to opine on health concerns. “When we look at the legislation with the alcohol ban, I’d much rather see a smoking ban than an alcohol ban,” he said at a press conference, noting that the local alcohol ban caused the shutdown of Maze in Doha last year. [Arabian Business, Earlier]