What to Eat at Empire Diner, Now Open and Serving Breakfast for Dinner

French-onion soup with bagel-bread-pudding croutons and Gruyère.

Yesterday, Chelsea's iconic Empire Diner reopened, with Iron Chef's Amanda Freitag at the helm. You'll find basic omelettes, buttermilk pancakes, and chili-cheese fries on the dinner menu, as well as kooky dishes like buffalo skate wings and loaded potatoes with foie gras. Take a look at the food, straight ahead.

Empire Diner

Lox and burrata with house-cured salmon, everything-bagel spice, and salmon roe.Photo: Melissa Hom

Empire Diner

New York–style black-and-white cheesecake.Photo: Melissa Hom

Empire Diner

Eventually, it'll be open 24 hours a day.Photo: Melissa Hom

Empire Diner, 210 Tenth Ave., at 22nd St.; 212-596-7523