El Sombrero Keeps Hat on, for Now

Still not closed on Stanton Street.
Still not closed on Stanton Street. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

The deal that would have seen Artichoke Basille’s Pizza take over the venerated El Sombrero space recently fell through, and while the restaurant may in fact close for good in 2014, it needs customers now more than ever. “We are staggering along,” employee Regina Bartkoff tells Bowery Boogie. “Now people think we are closed so we are losing even more business! It’s a mess!” Compare the photo above with this one on Flickr and is becomes instantly apparent why many Lower East Side old-timers and more recent transplants alike have deep feelings for the old Hat: The place hasn’t changed much at all since 1984, when it opened. Or since 1988, when that Flickr photo was taken. We’re guessing the tostadas have been just as constant, which is a good reason to visit. [Bowery Boogie, Earlier]