‘Gun Karaoke’ Bar Planned for Real-Life Deadwood

Mud wrasling, too.
Mud wrasling, too. Photo: HBO

The South Dakota city will soon get a bit more like the show it inspired, at least with regards to the whole duels-in-saloons part: A soon-to-be retired FBI agent is following his dream of opening a gun-themed bar that he’ll call Bullets and Beer Saloon. “To be honest, if it was me, I probably would have come up with a different name,” the city’s mayor admits. But it’s not him, and the Deadwood Guns mini-mall, which will house the restaurant, as well as a gun shop, pawn shop, shooting range, and a patio for smoking premium cigars, is on track to open in June to give the people what they want: “It’s all the things I like,” the owner says, “alcohol, tobacco and firearms.” Anyone who doesn’t pass the breathalyzer can play with the bar’s law enforcement-grade use-of-force training simulators — “almost like gun karaoke.” Almost. [AP/ABC]