Schmear Campaign: De Blasio Picks Bagel Hole’s Bagels As NYC’s Best

Six of one, half-dozen of the other.
Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Photo: iStockphoto

It’s official: When asked about his favorite bagel, Bill de Blasio came out swinging in support of Park Slope’s Bagel Hole, citing the shop’s authenticity as the main selling point. The 27-year-old Park Slope shop serves “the bagel you would have gotten a century ago,” the mayor told reporters in Washington, which seems non-controversial enough. If anything, it’s a nice change of pace from that whole knife-and-fork debacle that seemingly enraged 7 million pizza lovers just two weeks ago, but will the city’s famously vocal bagel-legacy defenders side with De Blasio here? Also, how does this guy feel about falafel and hot dogs? [NYDN, BKMag, Earlier]