Esca’s Dave Pasternack Opening Barchetta in Former Bistro La Promenade Space

The Long Island native changed the way New Yorkers eat raw fish. (For real.) Photo: Mychal Watts/Getty Images

Here’s some excellent news: Dave Pasternack, the chef and co-creator of Esca, the highbrow Hell’s Kitchen crudo restaurant owned by the Batali-Bastianich restaurant group, is teaming up with LDV Hospitality to take over Alain Allegretti’s former Bistro La Promenade in Chelsea, which closed right around the New Year. The new endeavor will be called Barchetta, which Pasternack tells the New York Times means "small boat," and you can sure bet the establishment will also focus on fish. Pasternack says he’s keeping the high-end kitchen and long, white, marble-top bar, and if all goes as planned, Barchetta will open in March. [NYT, Related]