Crest Introduces Totally Nonedible Mint-Chocolate-Flavored Toothpaste

Please do not eat the toothpaste.
Please do not eat the toothpaste. Photo: Procter & Gamble

Because shoppers are apparently always on the lookout for “experiential purchases,” meaning they prefer to let their choice of Speed Stick or Tropicana do all the talking, Procter & Gamble is bringing the self-explanatory Crest Be® Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste to market within the next month. It’ll be followed Crest Be® Lime Spearmint Zest, and Crest Be® Vanilla Mint Spark. These new additions to the company’s dental-care line have been developed by an “expert in-house team of flavorists,” but the products aren’t edible, of course. [P&G;, WSJ via Consumerist]