That’s a Wrap: Chipotle Produced a New Web Series for Hulu


Remember those pretty great Chipotle web ads that ran a while back? They were all whimsical and they had those great songs. Well, Chipotle’s marketing ambition has grown, and now the chain will produce an entire web series. It’s called Farmed and Dangerous, and according to the New York Times it is “a full-throated attack on ‘industrial agriculture,’ complete with a Dr. Strangelove-like scientist inventing eight-winged chickens and cash bribes being delivered in gift boxes.” The good news: The plot centers on exploding cows. The bad news: There appear to be no great songs. The show will start playing on Hulu in February and each of the four episodes will last 30 minutes, so you can watch two while you wait in line for your burrito during the lunch rush.

Chipotle Blurs Lines With a Satirical Series About Industrial Farming [NYT]