Chick-fil-A Employees Brave Southern Snowpocalypse to Hand Out Sandwiches

Holy chicken.
Holy chicken. Photo: Chick-fil-A

We learn through a press release Fox News columnist Todd Starnes that several workers at a Chick-fil-A on a stretch of Highway 280 in Birmingham, Alabama, were unable to get home during the snowstorm, so they did the next best thing and served “several hundred sandwiches” at no charge to drivers who were stranded in their cars. “For the frozen drivers,” Starnes writes, “it was manna from heaven.” This is the second canonization of Chick-fil-A in a week: A customer waiting for free fast-food in subzero weather outside a Jefferson City, Missouri, outlet about to open said he felt “blessed” and called the chain’s chicken biscuits “God’s fast-food.” [Fox News, Earlier]