Calliope’s $16 Lunch (With Wine) Is a Fantastic Deal

Trout, Trout, Let It All Out. (Not the actual name of this dish.)

Ginevra Iverson says that on trip to France a few years back with Eric Korsh, her husband and co-chef at Calliope in the East Village, she was inspired by the tiny bistros that serve straightforward prix fixe lunches to the neighborhood. Prices are kept low, the food is unfussy, and there's always a glass of something nice on the side. Calliope has now launched a two-course lunch, which comes with a glass of wine or half-pint of draught beer for $16, Tuesdays through Fridays. (Today it's farm lettuces with scallions and feta, then steamed wild mussels with shallots.) The chefs, who will also begin a four-week guest recipe column for The Wall Street Journal this weekend, say they will tweet the lunch specials daily. [Related]