Brooklyn Brewery Opening Satellite Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America

It'll be a bit smaller than this.
It'll be a bit smaller than this. Photo: Brooklyn Brewery

The Brooklyn Brewery has had a long and friendly relationship with the famed cooking school, so now they’re making it official: The 25-year-old company will open a “fully operational brewery” within the CIA’s new student union in 2015. The compact, seven-barrel system will produce pilsner and lager in a space designed to evoke, naturally, “an old Brooklyn warehouse.” What’s more, Brewmaster Garrett Oliver will help develop a beer curriculum for students and limited-edition brews to serve on site and in restaurants on campus. Prodigy kid-chefs and Doogie Howsers of the CIA take note: The Brooklyn Brewery satellite may be part of your student union and an educational experience unto itself, but you’ll still have to be 21 to enter. [FSR, Related]