California Bans Workers From Touching Food With Bare Hands

If the gloves don't fit ...
If the gloves don't fit ... Photo: Shutterstock

A new revision to California state health code requires food-service workers to use gloves or utensils at all times when handling ready-to-eat food, a major shift from the previous, more-lenient policy. It’s not unlike laws already in effect in New York, for example, and the state is even giving restaurants six months to adjust. But no four-star sushi master is going to be rolled out in rubber gloves, of course, so like any good law, there are loopholes: Bare-hand contact is allowed if management gets approval from health authorities, acknowledges liability, and imposes a strict regimen that includes “double hand washing,” nail brush-scouring, post-scrubbing antiseptic, paid sick leave for employees, and more. [Inside Scoop SF]