Andrew Carmellini Tweets-and-Deletes That He’s Still Fighting for Peels Space [Update: He Won]

The screenshot.
The screenshot.

The Post’s Steve Cuozzo, apparently confirming the rumor that Eater heard two weeks back, says that Andrew Carmellini and business partner Josh Pickard’s lease for 325 Bowery (R.I.P. Peels) is a done deal, but that may not be the case. This morning, Carmellini tweeted that he was only being “coy” because he’s “still fighting for it” … but then deleted his tweet minutes after (Grub got a screenshot). Expect Carmellini to go to bat for the two-story Peels space: He wants each of his restaurants to be on a corner.

Update:* Eater confirmed with Carmellini’s rep that he’s opening a “casual pasta shop” with Pickard and Luke Ostrom in the former Peels space. It’s called Bar Primi, and it’s scheduled to open this summer.

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*This post has been updated.