Watch New York Restaurant Critic Adam Platt Discuss Why He’s No Longer Anonymous


Last week, longtime New York food critic Adam Platt revealed himself to the world on the cover of the magazine’s annual “Where to Eat” issue. “To the cadre of New York cooks and restaurateurs whose restaurants I’ve been eating at for the last — over a decade — they know me,” he says in an interview with CBS This Morning. Platt also talks about the disadvantages of having a giant head and the futility of disguises in general, and he recounts one particularly ill-fated meal at Le Périgord over a decade ago, when, barely two weeks into the job and in a world with a much less pervasive Internet, he was made by the maître d’, almost immediately. “It’s their business to know,” he says.

New York Magazine’s restaurant critic reveals himself on TV for first time [CBS]
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