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Super Bowl Steaks at the Meat Hook; Mile End’s New Nightly Specials

Mile End's Manhattan outpost has some new nightly specials, including fried chicken on Wednesdays, steak night on Saturdays, and Chinese night on Sundays. [Grub Street] • On Wednesday, February 12 from 11 a.m until 1 p.m., Maine Dayboat Scallops will be available for purchase at the Brooklyn Kitchen’s Manhattan store (600 11th Street) and at the Brooklyn HQ at 100 Frost Street. All orders must be placed by February 7; call 207-838-1490 or check out all the details here. [Grub Street] • The Meat Hook is running a Super Bowl special on various cuts of bone-in three-to-four-week dry-aged steaks. All steaks are $17.99 a pound, 100 percent grass-fed, and raised in New York or Pennsylvania. Pigs in a blanket, pulled pork, chili, and other game-day fare will also be available for purchase. [Grub Street] • The Sea Grill will host an Oyster Bowl on Saturday, February 1, from 5 p.m. until close. There will be a host of specials, including samples of five oysters with a flight of five wines for $25. [Grub Street] • The Pavan Sangria Challenge Finals will take place on February 5 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Bowery Hotel. Five finalists from bars around the country will compete to see who has the best sangria recipe. It's open to the public, which means free sangria samples for all! RSVP by sending an email to [Grub Street]

Andrew Carmellini, Mission Cantina Among February’s CB3 Applicants

Agendas for next month's CB3 Manhattan meeting have been released. It looks like Andrew Carmellini and partners will submit plans for the former Peels space and Danny Bowien is seeking a full on-premise liquor license for Mission Cantina. Other applications include new entities applying for the Lobster Joint space on Houston Street and in the space that's currently home to Rustic L.E.S. [Lo-Down, Earlier]

Cheerios Commercial Brings Back Adorable Interracial Family Story Line for Super Bowl


If you're a die-hard fan of whole oats, chances are you remember the heartwarming Cheerios commercial called "Just Checking," which debuted online in late May of 2012. The 30-second spot weirdly incited some YouTube users with its innocuous depiction of the home life of an interracial family, to the point where General Mills had to shut down the comments section. Now, as predicted, the family is back, and it looks as though the Cheerios-loving family is expanding. It's even harder this time around to imagine anyone getting angry at this ad, which, incidentally, is the first time the cereal-maker has advertised during the Super Bowl since 1996.

Get this kid a puppy.»

More Sourdough: Roman’s Baker Expands She Wolf Bakery’s Retail Arm

Okay, maybe you just need one.Photo: Polina Yamshchikov

Austin Hall, who produces the exceptional bread made and served at Roman's (and also at proprietor Andrew Tarlow's Diner, Marlow and Sons, Reynard, and Achilles Heel), has entered the next phase of his World Sourdough Domination plan with this latest extension of She Wolf Bakery's retail arm: The sourdough, which is made with natural levain and Farmer Ground spelt flour from Trumansburg, New York, is now available for online ordering by 5 p.m. every day and pickup at Roman's, Achilles Heel, and the Brooklyn Kitchen. Meanwhile, She Wolf Bakery is already stocking the larder at Marlow & Daughters with a much wider variety of breads — including, but not limited to, pizza bianca, rye and rye-raisin batard, miche, and sprouted spelt boule — all for on-the-fly purchase. [Official Site]

Guy Fieri Is Having a Huge Super Bowl Party

Keep your eyes peeled for extra tickets on Craigslist!Photo: Splash News

The bad news is that it's sold out, but you never know: Someone might cancel at the last minute, and then you'll be right there with the food TV personality himself at the intimate pre-game party he's hosting for 175 people in the private dining room at Guy's American Kitchen on Saturday night. If you do happen to score a ticket, you and your frightening "Next Stop Flavortown" T-shirt will first have to go through metal detection and/or submit to a bag search, and while you may have plenty of chances to get your photo taken with Guy Fieri, "autograph requests will not be honored." [Inside Access via Ryan Sutton/Twitter]

Whale Sharks Are Being Slaughtered in China

Just when Chinese sharks thought it was safe to go back into the water — thanks to shifting cultural attitudes toward consuming shark-fin soup, for the most part — here's disturbing news that one species is being slaughtered en masse: Up to 600 whale sharks, which are gentle filter-feeders classified by the IUCN as a "vulnerable" species, have been illegally "slaughtered annually for their stomach, lips, cartilage, oil and fins" since 2010, according to a new report. Sinosphere reports that carcasses can fetch up to $31,000 apiece, with organs, flesh, and skin being put into everything from food to supplements. Whale sharks, along with basking and great white sharks — which the report asserts are also being slaughtered — are protected species in China. [Sinosphere/NYT, Earlier]

Mila Kunis Becomes Latest Celebrity Brand Ambassador With Jim Beam Deal

When you think bourbon, think Mila.Photo: PRNewsFoto/Beam Inc.

The bourbon company has a new campaign featuring Mila Kunis, who will appear in three television commercials as herself, but also as Beam's newly appointed, nebulously defined "global partner and spokesperson" (watch the first spot here). It's not known how much Kunis is being compensated for Beam's "Make History" spots, but the press release touts her "global relevance," and the new title instantly lands the actress among the esteemed, ridiculously appointed ranks of former Popchips President of Pop Ashton Kutcher, former Bud Light Creative Director and Musical Curator Justin Timberlake, one-time Coca-Cola Creative Director Marc Jacobs, Popchips Investor and Creative Partner Katy Perry, PepsiCo Brand Ambassador Beyoncé, Budweiser Select Co-Brand Director Jay-Z, and the most emotive Diet Coke Program Ambassador of all time, Taylor Swift. All of which is to say, of course, we can't wait to see Mila's new ads. [The Spirits Business]

U.K. Dumpster Diver Will Stand Trial for Taking Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Freelance web designer Paul May, who was arrested with two chums last October for climbing a wall behind a local Iceland supermarket and taking discarded cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes, will stand trial next month for the so-called burglary. May, who practices "skipping," or Dumpster diving, was held in jail for nineteen hours, and explained in his own defense that he was hungry and the food had been discarded. The court case comes at a time when food security has become a significant issue in the U.K., and elsewhere, entrepreneurs are seeking to turn expired goods and food bound for trash bins into high-profile for-profit and nonprofit businesses. For its part, the Crown Prosecution Service, which invoked an obscure passage from the 1824 Vagrancy Act — this is not a joke — to charge the men, claims there is a "significant public interest in prosecuting these three individuals." [Guardian, Related]

Watch a Beer Delivery Drone in Action


Here's a completely fake but nonetheless endearing ad for Lakemaid Brewery, a Stevens Point, Wisconsin, company that says it was so inspired by Amazon's recently announced foray into drone delivery that they had to try it out for themselves. The idea here is that customers hanging out at far-flung ice-fishing stations in Minnesota and Wisconsin can send their GPS coordinates to the beer store, which in turn sends some dude to dispatch a drone carrying a twelve-pack of frosty beer straight to the fish house.

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The Other Critics: Wells Gives M. Wells Steakhouse One Star; Richman Loves Dover

This week, Adam Platt awarded two stars to M. Wells Steakhouse for the "elegant, two-fisted Montreal cooking," but "minus a star for the mediocre beef" — a sentiment also expressed in Pete Wells's review. Alan Richman ate the chicken for two at Dover, while Joshua David Stein feasted at RedFarm. Read it all, straight ahead.

"As sweet as a Jell-O salad."»

Chef Sues Gordon Ramsay at the London After Allegedly Cutting Tongue on Burger

Gordon Ramsey at the London.Photo: Courtesy of the London

A German chef who visited New York City last March alleges that he bit down on a burger at Gordon Ramsay at the London and encountered a "sharp object that was concealed between the buns." The Daily News identifies the object inasmuch as it calls the hamburger "tongue-slicingly delicious," while legal papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court say it was "ceramic or other material." Marcus Barthel, who is now seeking compensation and legal fees, alleges that he not only lost blood as a result of the injury, but also his sense of taste. The injury is so bad that he is no longer able to work as a professional chef. Though the hotel establishment bears his name, Gordon Ramsay has no connection with the restaurant. [NYDN via Eater, Related]

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