The New Tavern on the Green Will Be Really Locally Focused

Reopening soon.
Reopening soon. Photo: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green

“The more I can excite people with the product and less layers of technique and overlays of garnishes, the better. So that means sourcing great raw materials in season is going to be a huge component of the cuisine. But then it’ll also have my touch, which is global as well as local. Having worked in New York for 25 years essentially, I cannot not be inspired by other ethnic cuisines; it’s just not possible. It won’t be fusion, it won’t be ethnic, it’ll just be New York.” — Chef Katy Sparks says the new Tavern, which was supposed to debut tonight, but will instead open in 2014, may have some farm-to-table touches, but the menu is really all about the five boroughs. [NRN, Earlier]