Starbucks’ New Secret Off-Menu Drink Is Coffee Soda

What are these baristas not telling you?
What are these baristas not telling you? Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The coffee chain bought a bunch of carbonating equipment to serve its spiffy new “handcrafted” sodas, which are now being being rolled out in stores in flavors called Golden Ginger Ale, Spiced Root Beer, and Lemon Ale under its “Fizzio” line, Quartz reports. But there’s already a genius off-menu Starbucks drink hack out there that involves the carbonators, if you just know how to ask for it: Apparently, baristas will put bubbles in “most things” on the Starbucks menu, including iced teas and coffees; all you have to do is ask for your venti whatever “carbonated.” (Or, ask for “coffeezzy” and see what happens.) The company confirms it cannot give Frappuccinos and espresso drinks the Fizzio treatment, but the rest, as they say, is fair game. Nothing will ever replace Manhattan Special, but this is pretty cool. [QZ, Earlier, Related]