Sriracha Vodka Is Here to Ruin All Your Cocktail Experiences

This is one small step for flavored vodka, and one giant leap back for drinking culture.

So, this finally happened: While Huy Fong Foods, that illustrious manufacturer of the world's best-known sriracha brand, attempts to clear a new round of legal hurdles, some deranged flavor scientist has gone ahead and synthesized sriracha vodka with a "blend of chili peppers," and, allegedly, genuine vinegar and garlic. "Snacks, candy and numerous food products are riding the sriracha craze," notes Phillips Distilling, helpfully, in a press release, "however UV is the first vodka to satisfy fiery flavor fans." In other words, this is the perfect beverage for frat-house-style dares, the real reason why Mother Nature invented flavored vodkas.

So go ahead and splash it on all the things you might squeeze the sauce on, like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, instant ramen, and parsnips. There may be a scary Huy Fong shortage coming 'round the bend soon, after all, and this seems vaguely more forgiving than Cinnabon vodka. [UV Vodka, Businesswire, Earlier, Related]