Shake Shack Moscow Opens Tomorrow

The Arbat was once known for its philosophers, who probably would've liked Shackburgers. Photo: Shake Shack/Twitter

Shackburgers will sell for 235 rubles, or about $7.15 USD, and the crispy shallots atop the MeisterSausage dog are beer-battered, but everything else at the first Shake Shack to land in Russia looks like the chainlet we’ve grown to know and love, down to the trays loaded with burgers and fries (they’re crinkle-cut). The online menu is in Cyrillic, but check out the English and Russian version right here: There aren’t any White Russians on the drinks menu, it turns out, but one of the signature concretes called the Great Wintry Way just so happens to be made with marshmallow sauce. [Businessweek, Related]