Utah Scoutmaster and Son Deliver Pizza to Same-Sex Weddings

Duty to other people, and pizza.
Duty to other people, and pizza. Photo: Matt Lyon SLC/Twitter

A father and son customized their Boy Scout uniforms with rainbow kerchiefs and very cheerfully handed out pizza slices to workers and eager couples mobbing the Salt Lake City county clerk’s office on Monday to take part in the first state-sanctioned same-sex marriages. Peter Brownstein is not technically a scoutmaster, since his troop was disbanded shortly after an appearance at a local pride parade ended with a reprimand: “We are very disappointed that you used Scouting to advance the gay agenda,” executives wrote at the time. No response as of yet to the impromptu pizza party. In any event, for Brownstein’s 14-year-old Eagle Scout son, delivering ten Little Caesars pizzas to couples is “simply providing service.” [CNN, Matt Lyon SLC/Twitter, Related]