U.K. Chef Takes to Former Employer’s Twitter to Announce Firing

Memo to employers: When firing staff, change all social-media passwords.

A chef named Jim Knight in Oxfordshire, England, was apparently fired right after he asked to have Christmas Day off, but instead of employing all the old-school chef-revenge techniques at his disposal — dumping the fryers onto the floor, unplugging the P.O.S. system — he realized he had something with an even larger reach at his disposal: his restaurant's Twitter account. So the newly unemployed chef tweeted about his departure and attacked the pub for ousting an employee with a newborn at home.

Plough Pub

Twitter/The Plough

Because Knight says he created the account with his ex-employer's permission, no one at the Plough has been able to get the tweets removed. In the meantime, the chef says he's now considering a "serious job offer." And to think: He didn't even have to dump any hot grease on the kitchen floor, or spike all the sauces with Windex (we hope).

[Twitter/The Plough via ZD Net]