This ‘Fried’ Pabst Blue Ribbon Burger Requires Valid ID

The apotheosis of hamburgers.
The apotheosis of hamburgers. Photo: PYT/Facebook

PYT, the same Philly restaurant responsible for the pho burger, the fried-Twinkie burger, the Sichuan-lamb-on-a-sticky-rice-bun burger, the French-toast burger, the Thansgivukkah burger, the lasagna-bun burger, and these elegant, deep-fried Red Bull croquettes have now done something again (we’re not sure what) with their beerger. The monster requires ID for purchase because each patty is topped with a ramekin’s worth of PBR that’s been frozen, then swaddled in wonton skins with sliced Cheddar, then breaded in crushed pretzels and fried. They say it comes with mustard-dill aioli or something, but that seems like overkill. [PYT/Facebook via Zagat]