Miss Lily’s Gets Festive With ‘Ganja Flake’ Ornament

They say every ganja flake is unique.
They say every ganja flake is unique. Photo: Miss Lily's

Here’s a sweet little stash box and/or stocking stuffer from Miss Lily’s, the same fine establishment that brought you that “price available upon request” limited-edition fruit-thwacking machete: This $15 “ganja flake” ornament is an adorable, ready-to-hang tree adornment decorated with pot leaves arranged in a fractal snowflake shape. Only 100 of the festive bad boys have been made, likely corresponding to that narrow demographic of city dwellers who not only like their chicken jerked, but are fond of smoking trees just prior to decorating them. Hang it high on the tree, of course. [Miss Lily’s Instagram, Related]