McDonald’s Employee Portal Tells Fast-Food Workers Not to Eat Fast Food

Right down to the red McDonald's-esque packaging.
Right down to the red McDonald's-esque packaging. Photo: Courtesy of NIH

First the chain unhelpfully advised employees to sing happy songs in times of great stress, then it posted an in-depth guide to tipping all sorts of people — swimming-pool cleaners, au pairs — that the overwhelming majority of its workers couldn’t possibly afford to have in their lives. Now McDonald’s is advising everyone to be wary of fast food altogether on its tone-deaf McResources website. The third-party content warns that cheeseburgers and fries, exactly like the ones sold by the fast-food giant, may be convenient, but along with bacon, mayonnaise, side sauces, and pretty much everything else on the menu board, they’re actually the “unhealthy choice” and should be avoided. “[I]t is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,” another article states. At least that’s one benefit of working at McDonald’s but not being able to afford eating there. [CNBC, Earlier, Earlier]