McDonald’s Employee and Customer Call Cops on Each Other Over Hash Browns

Where are the hash browns?
Where are the hash browns? Photo: McDonald's

Police were called to an Arizona McDonald’s after they received separate 911 calls from an employee and a customer from the scene of the crime — the crime being entirely different, depending on who was calling. When a couple didn’t receive the hash browns their breakfast sandwiches entitled them to, one of them grew angry and threw her sandwich bag at the store’s manager. An employee then put in an urgent call to 911 to report the “very belligerent” customers, saying, “We need an officer right now,” just as the husband was telling the cops that the same employee was “basically trying to rob me.” (Another customer in the store also called; no word on whose side he was on.) Listen to their not-so-funny 911 calls, straight ahead.

[ABC via Consumerist]