LSU Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes Ate 5,000 Pounds of Food Last Night at Outback Steakhouse


In advance of the Outback Bowl on January 1, the chain treated players from both teams yesterday to a feast that included "750 pounds of sirloin steak topped with 40 gallons of Diablo Sauce, 750 pounds of chicken, and 900 pounds of ribs all cooked over a wood fire grill. Also 700 pounds of house salad, 400 pounds of baked potatoes topped with butter and sour cream, 1,600 coconut shrimp, 160 bloomin' onions, 1,600 honey wheat dinner rolls, 1,200 pounds of cheese cake, 80 gallons barbecue sauce, and dozens of cases of soda and water." Today, the gang all went on roller coasters at Busch Gardens, because that seems like the natural thing to do after you've consumed many thousands of pounds of meat and fried onions. [Bleacher Report]