Le Cirque Opens ‘Signature’ Outpost in Mumbai, Two More Planned for India

The original.

The venerable Le Cirque has opened inside Leela Palace Hotel in Mumbai. This is the second Le Cirque to take on India, following another location at a Leela Hotel in New Delhi (where New York by way of Japan Megu also has an outpost). There's still the Chateaubriand for two, but the biggest challenge facing chef Matteo Boglione is reportedly a much higher demand for meat-free dishes. "With vegetables, you can do nice stuff," he notes, listing simpler things like "cauliflower flan with porcini and avocado panzanella, buffalo mozzarella fondue, and black truffle shavings." With two more Le Cirque locations slated to open at Leela Hotels in Bangalore and Chennai next year, here's hoping the Maccioni clan has its onion supply chain intact. [Reuters, Related, Related]