Krispy Kreme U.K. Launches Mince-Pie Doughnuts for Kristmas

Fruit and spices inside.
Fruit and spices inside. Photo: Krispy Kreme

For those of you who weren’t entirely sure: There is no meat in mincemeat pie (though far be it from us to decry sweet-and-savory pastries). These days, the traditional English pie is filled with sticky fruit and spirits, and in honor of this season of holidays and hybrids, Krispy Kreme’s bustling U.K. division has taken in the traditional Yuletide dessert for a surprisingly delicious-looking, last-minute addition to this year’s glut of doughnut mash-ups: The mince-pie doughnut is “hand-decorated with white icing and gold dust.” How festive. Call it a “moughnut,” if you will, if only because no one will ever get behind anything called “mincenuts.” [Krispy Kreme via Brand Eating, Related, Related]