Mumbai Restaurant Waitstaff Attacks Customers Requesting Extra Onions

The real cost of onions is rising.
The real cost of onions is rising. Photo: Shutterstock

Servers at Shalimar Restaurant ganged up on a group of diners after one customer had the gall to ask for additional onions on the side of his biryani, a not-so-subtle sign that rising onion prices are becoming a real problem in India. When pressed about the side order, the waiter snapped: “Don’t preach to me about onion prices,” while another grabbed the offending customer’s collar, ready to teach this family a thing or two about inflation forces and speculative-market trading that have led to the allium crisis known as the Great Indian Tearjerker in the press. At Shalimar, it wasn’t until a hurled glass hit a customer in the face and drew blood that the waiters acknowledged that the brawl had gotten out of hand, and the diners left without paying for their mutton biryani. [NDTV, WaPo]