World’s Hottest Pepper Is Entirely Unpleasant to Eat

Not the Reaper.
Not the Reaper. Photo:

Fort Mill farmer Ed Currie has debuted a chile he calls the Carolina Reaper, validated by Guinness as the World’s Hottest Pepper at over 1.5 million Scoville units, and right up there with the world’s strongest beer in terms of intense names. One such Reaper clocked in at 2.2 million units (a jalapeño measures 5,000) — a full 200,000 notches hotter than pepper spray, and while the pepper’s not yet available in stores, Ted the Fire Breathing Idiot is said to be a fan, so there’s that. The Carolina Reaper probably goes well with scrambled eggs, especially if you’re a fan of breakfast that makes you vomit uncontrollably right after you eat it. [AP, Related]