War on East Village Halal Cart Guy Continues Apace

Oh no.

It's now Day 4 — Day 5, maybe, in war it all blends together anyhow — of the neighborhood battle against the halal food vendor who residents living near Avenue A and East 2nd Street claim is ruining their lives and driving their property values down. One tells the Post that Farouq Ortega's falafel is "not something you’re used to smelling" and suggests it causes headaches, while another says that the noise associated with the cart's late-night customers is depriving everyone of sleep. "Legally, we have a right to be there," Ortega's wife notes, adding that she doesn't think it's fair the cart should be forced to move, while a brand-new wave of flyers plastering neighborhood lampposts asserts the cart has been hopping illegally from corner to corner. At this point, we're not even sure if everyone's even railing against the same guy; if so, Ortega should change his cart's name to Shawarma Chameleon, pronto. [NYP, EV Grieve, Earlier]