First Look at Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn, Opening Today

The chandelier was briefly used at the original Grand Central Oyster Bar. Photo: Melissa Hom

The 5,000-square-foot Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn opens on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Park Slope today, with fresh fish, chowders, and sixteen variations of bivalves. The location is franchised, but owners Jonathan Young and Bruce Fox have connections to the original, and they are looking to put down roots in the neighborhood: The restaurant includes a retail market, where home cooks can purchase seafood seven days a week. There's also an open kitchen, a separate bar and lounge area, and a dining room that seats 150. Despite previous reports, Justin Ernsberger is no longer the executive chef; Michael Marziliano, formerly of Tavern on the Green, is. Note that for the next several weeks, the menu will only include raw seafood and appetizers, so hold off if you're in the mood for the famed pan roast. Take a look at the space, the food, and the menu, straight ahead.


The shuckers preparing; counter seating is meant to evoke the original oyster bar.Photo: Melissa Hom


Chilled oyster shooter.Photo: Melissa Hom


Jumbo shrimp cocktail, no bells or whistles. Just cocktail sauce and lemon.Photo: Melissa Hom


The restaurant will serve a wide selection of East Coast oysters.Photo: Melissa Hom


Crab cake with jumbo lump meat.Photo: Melissa Hom


The cure.Photo: Melissa Hom

Menu [PDF]

Grand Central Oyster Bar Brooklyn, 254-256 Fifth Avenue, 347-294-0596