Florida’s State Capitol Getting Six-Foot Festivus Pole Made of PBR Cans

Very high strength-to-weight ratio.
Very high strength-to-weight ratio. Photo: Courtesy My Act of Sedition

Beginning today, the menorah that’s been on display outside the Florida State House will be replaced by a six-foot Festivus pole constructed entirely from Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, because far be it from the government to infringe on anybody’s most-cherished beliefs. A government-sanctioned spot next to the Christian nativity scene in Tallahassee is admittedly a step up for “professional troublemaker” Chaz Stevens, who last year convinced his hometown to put up the pole (the town has since banned private monuments). Governor Rick Scott finds this belief system fascinating, but the ACLU thinks the season of private displays is just getting started: “I’m not sure the people who manage the State Capitol fully appreciate the door that they have opened,” the group’s executive director tells Tamarac Talk. Expect the Meat Lover’s Merlinpeen monument to be erected next week. [Tamarac Talk via Washington Times]