Fast-Food Wage Strikes Expand to 100 Cities on Thursday

Super-sized strikes.
Super-sized strikes. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The ongoing bid for fast-food workers seeking a $15-an-hour wage will take its biggest turn yet on Thursday, when simultaneous strikes will occur in 100 cities and protests will take place in 100 more, the Times reports. Cities like Charleston, South Carolina, and Providence, Rhode Island, will get a firsthand glimpse of the movement, which has expanded significantly in the year since the then-unprecedented city-wide strike took place in New York last November. The advanced announcement of these strikes has garnered plenty of buzz for the movement, which includes various advocacy groups like Fast Food Forward and Fight for 15, but it also enables the companies to plan around the “inconvenience,” something that is now unavoidable now that the effort is 200 cities strong. [NYT, Earlier, Earlier]