Eddie Huang Debuts HPV-Inspired Fashion Line

The lookbook features the Fat Jew.
The lookbook features the Fat Jew. Photo: Jon Snyder Photography

When you already have your own MTV show, podcast, memoir turned sitcom, Vice series, and — oh yeah — a restaurant, what else could you possibly want for Christmas? Eddie Huang wants a successful fashion line. His first venture flopped, and now, he’s back with Monica Monroe, a streetwear collection of clothes that Huang would wear on dates with Monica Lewinsky and Marilyn Monroe, obviously. “I started this line Monica Monroe featuring versatile fabrics for savage men tryin [sic] to spread benign HPV,” writes Huang. “My inspiration for the line is that people are so indiscriminate when talking about HPV. They so reckless like ‘HPV causes cancer.’ No it doesn’t. My particular brand of HPV is ethereal like rose water.” Potential new gigs for Huang: xoJane.com relationship columnist, poet laureate, sex therapist. [Fresh Off the Boat]