Friends Mourn Doritos Locos 'Creator' With Taco Bell

It all started with one man and a passion for cheesy chips. Photo: Taco Bell

Frito-Lay wasn't interested when a guy from Arkansas named Todd Mills — who just enjoyed using the chips in his taco salads — first pitched the idea of Doritos-flavored taco shells. But Mills, who started a Facebook page championing the cause, was able to get through to Taco Bell, which has since grossed over $1 billion from the novelty, and he even tasted one of the first Doritos Locos prototypes long before the chain started power-blasting nacho cheese onto corn shells. Mills died on Thanksgiving after suffering from lung and brain cancer — Taco Bell's CEO donated $1,000 toward his medical bills — and his friends honored his legacy with all kinds of Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell. [USAT, Related]