David Cameron Chooses Team Nigella

No one is on Team Charles.
No one is on Team Charles. Photo: Getty

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is a “massive fan” of Nigella Lawson, so he’s not afraid of taking sides in the ongoing fraud trial against Lawson and ex-husband Charles Saatchi’s former assistants. He told the Spectator that as an amateur cook, he “sometimes watch[es] a bit of Nigella on telly” with his daughter, and he is definitively on “Team Nigella.” The presiding judge instructed the jury to ignore Cameron’s comments and to focus only on evidence presented in court. This includes today’s testimony from Elisabetta Grillo, one of Saatchi’s personal assistants, who asserts that both Saatchi and Lawson lied under oath about the celebrity chef’s alleged drug use, and that she is the only one telling the truth. But in this case, who would you believe: some PA, or a Trusted World Leader (who’s also not a bad cook)? [Variety, The Guardian, Earlier]