Kindest Coffee Shop in the Universe Fights Crime With Holiday Cheer

You can't steal their holiday spirit, but you can have a gift. Photo: Instagram/A Cup of Common Wealth

A group of burglars on the loose in Lexington, Kentucky, had no idea what they were starting when they robbed A Cup of Common Wealth, along with several other local businesses. In response, the café is offering anyone who shops at one of the burgled stores a free hot coffee, all honor-code based. They have also opened up their shop’s Christmas tree display to the community, and, in a cooler version than the old "take a penny, leave a penny" bit, they’re inviting anyone to take a gift-wrapped present or drop one off. "[I]t gets cold and life can get tough," the coffee shop’s management posted on Instagram. "But don’t give up on people." The robbers struck again last night at the neighborhood bookstore, which just made Common Wealth more determined to do good. [HuffPo, Common Wealth/Instagram, Related]