Bob Marley Estate Suing Raising Cane’s Chicken Over ‘One Love’ Slogan

Contentious chicken.
Contentious chicken. Photo: Raising Cane's.

Bob Marley’s widow and children recently went to go trademark “Marley One Love” but were thwarted when they learned the Louisiana-based Raising Cane’s Chicken chain had trademarked the words “One Love” in conjunction with its fried chicken menu back in 2002. Now the Marleys are suing to wrest the words out of Cane’s marketing materials and also for damages. In one corner, there’s the legacy of iconic reggae superstar Bob Marley, whose “One Love” has taken on anthemic status since its 1977 release, and in the other, a fast-food company that says serving the highest quality chicken is its one love. As of now, neither party will agree to get together and feel all right. [Universal Hub]