Anthony Bourdain Does Not Want to Play Beer Pong With You

Don't call Tony bro, bro. Photo: Michael Gobo/

"The only thing that grates is if I'm accused of manliness or being macho. That like, totally drives me berserk. What have I ever done to deserve this charge? I like meat. Is this somehow the province of men? This is something I really don't like. You know: Bro Food. I really hate that. I don't want any part of it; I want to disassociate myself from it. That bothers me. That's a charge or an accusation that I really hate, that this enterprise that I'm a part of is in some way targeted towards males. That bothers me." The Parts Unknown and The Taste host doesn't care so much what you think about him, just don't bring up machismo. [Grantland, Related]