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Ramen Lab Is Headed to Kenmare Street — and Noodle Lovers Should Start Getting Psyched

No safety glasses required.Photo:

If all goes as planned, Kenshiro Uki of the L.A.- and New Jersey–based manufacturer Sun Noodle will soon open a version of his wildly successful Ramen Lab with chef Shigetoshi "Shige" Nakamura, at 70 Kenmare Street this February. Plans for the tiny Nolita space include fourteen counter seats and an open kitchen, which means a much shorter commute for the throngs of ramen fiends who wanted in on the perpetually sold-out series, which was held in a nondescript industrial park across the Hudson. "Rather than ask people to come to Teterboro," explains Uki, "we had this opportunity to make it more accessible, and increase the kinds of ways people think about ramen. We see it as an education-driven place." If any of this brings to mind images of wizened old ramen lecturers and treatises on the elasticity of gluten, you should probably read on.

"It's like jazz," says David Chang.»

Don’t Get Too Excited About Eataly in Philly and Miami (Yet)

Restaurateur and Eataly principal Joe Bastianich told Chicago Reader earlier in the week that Philadelphia was up next to get its very own slow-food mega-store, but Eataly managing partner Alex Saper was quick to downgrade official comment to the less-promising "we're extremely interested in Philadelphia." Meanwhile, as for a separate, practically simultaneous rumor that suggests Eataly is headed next to Miami, a manager is quick to set the record straight: "We haven't signed any contract in Miami and I don't believe we are even remotely close to signing one." And more hints keep dropping: Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, even São Paulo — this game is fun. [Chicago Reader,, exMiami, Earlier]

Bees Absolutely Love the World’s Largest Gingerbread House

It's 39,201.8 cubic feet.Photo: Traditions Club

The 1,800 pounds of butter, 3,000 pounds of brown sugar, and 22,304 pieces of candy used to construct the Guinness-certified largest gingerbread house in this Texas town have been garnering a lot of buzz. Like actual buzz, from honeybees. "We called in a beekeeper the other night and he said there was a cluster of about 2,000 bees," says the general manager of the Texas A&M Traditions Club, which sponsored the project. If those Red Hook bees that gorged on high-fructose corn syrup and dye No. 40 at the neighborhood maraschino-cherry factory a few years back ended up producing bright-red honey, you can be sure something really weird is about to go down in the apiaries of Bryan, Texas. [Today, Related]

Entourage Stars’ Saratoga Springs Restaurant Is for Sale

Siro's, the famous Saratoga Springs restaurant whose owners include Entourage actors Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon, has been put up for sale. Siro's has been operating next to the Saratoga Race Course for 75 years, and even had a short-lived Manhattan spin-off that shuttered unexpectedly in March, perhaps because there are no horse races in Midtown. In any event, all you jockeys and gamblers, the restaurant will remain open for the 2014 season. [AP]

Restaurant Owner Thwarts Robbery With Sushi Knife

South Philadelphia sushi-bar owner Ryan Zheng grabbed a sushi knife and stabbed a serial robbery suspect twice in the back yesterday after the man entered the restaurant and put a gun to Zheng's face. Police say the 19-year-old suspect robbed Terryin Sushi Bar twice in the last three weeks and is also suspected of stealing from a nearby pizzeria and grocery store; he's now in stable condition. Also depressing: His mother is reportedly friends with the owner — "I told him 'Do what you have to do,'" she says — and the gun turned out to be fake. [ABC, NBC]

McDonald’s Advised Low-Wage Workers on How to Tip Imaginary Pool Boys, Au Pairs, Masseuses

Say, what's the appropriate amount to tip Jeeves — a week's pay, or a small gift and $50 cash?Photo-illustration: Rick Gomez/Corbis (Chauffeur)

The folks at CNBC noticed that McDonald's corporate posted a comprehensive guide to tipping all sorts of service people that pretty much no McDonald's employee can afford to employ — personal trainers, massage therapists, au pairs, landscapers — on its McResources website, the same portal that unhelpfully instructed workers to sing happy songs to get through periods of stress and break food into tiny pieces during times of diminishing grocery budgets. (Fitness trainers should get "the cost of one session" at the holidays, just FYI.)

What about the housekeeper?»

Plan for Historic Childs Restaurant in Coney Island Moves Forward

The City Planning Commission voted unanimously in favor of Marty Markowitz's proposal to renovate the massive old landmark Childs restaurant space in Coney Island, transforming it into an amphitheater and an upscale restaurant. The 5,000-seat outdoor venue would be the latest of the building's many previous incarnations, which include a disco roller rink and a temporary HQ for Occupy Sandy last year. The City Council votes on the plan December 16. [BP, Earlier, Earlier]

Here’s Where You Can Buy a Bottle of Pappy in New York ... for $1,800

A Winkle in time.Photo: Scnapps Liquors/Instagram

It's complicated, but if you're reeeally determined to have a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, Schnapps Liquors in Brooklyn has one bottle each of the 23-, 20-, and 15-year, and two bottles each of the 12- and 10-year (Old Rip Van Winkle) cult bourbon whiskey. Here's the thing, though: The most expensive bottle is $1,800, you have to go to Midwood, and you have to get there before sundown — Schnapps closes at 3:45 today.

Know before you go.»

Get Drunk, Stay Warm: 14 New Hot, Comforting Cocktails

Extra Fancy's punch is definitely good for your health.Photo: Courtesy of Extra Fancy

When you were a kid, this was the time of year that you came in from the snow and drank as much hot chocolate and warm cider as you could get. But since you're a grown-up, your warming beverages can have the added benefit of containing booze, too. Bars all over town get this, and they are happy to help you out by serving hot cocktails like bourbon-spiked tea, gin-and-honey punch, and malted hot toddies to keep you warm and cozy. We've rounded up fourteen strong ones, straight ahead.

Hot coconut milk! Vietnamese coffee with brandy!»

Katy Perry and John Mayer Order ABC Kitchen’s Truffle Pizza; Kim and Kanye Go to the Spotted Pig


Thanksgiving has come and gone, but of all people, perhaps Lindsay Lohan should be thankful. After moving on from 19-year-old Liam Dean, Lohan hung out at Finale with her potential new boyfriend, 18-year-old Michael Neeson. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio spent quality time with his new girlfriend at Artico, while newly single Orlando Bloom dined out with his son. This, and more, straight ahead.

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Jessica Seinfeld Celebrates Two Thanksgivings, Feasts Late at Charlie Bird

Seinfeld, at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market.Photo: Melissa Hom

"When I met Jerry he’d never really known anyone who’d cooked," says Jessica Seinfeld, whose latest book is the Can't Cook Book. "It’s just something I’m naturally comfortable with. I can zone out and relieve stress." There's another reason the mother of three prefers cooking for her family when it's dinnertime: "We are kind of very sarcastic, and — how do I say this? — we kind of antagonize our kids, and our mealtimes are kind of a battlefield. So it’s not the greatest thing in the world to be out to dinner." But Seinfeld still managed to hit Charlie Bird this week ("I've been there so many times), grab some midday meals, and get not one but two Thanksgiving dinners on the table. Read it all in this week's Grub Street Diet.

"Sundays are the days we completely Jew-out..."»

The Bird Boom: Luxury Roast Chicken Conquers New York

One of the Pennsylvania-bred birds served at Rotisserie Georgette.Photo: Melissa Hom

Chickens have it rough. Their feet are ridiculous. They have no natural defense against predators. Their clucks sound idiotic. And they are just about the most perfect animal to roast over fire and devour whole. When done right, the combination of crispy, crackly skin and tender meat is a texturally perfect canvas that skilled cooks can flavor any way they like: Add some lemons and herbs; perfume the meat with ginger, garlic, and scallions; give it a dash of smoked paprika; slather it with a sauce of bacon and onions. It all tastes good. And now, the humble chicken has become the new must-have luxury menu item at New York's most vital new restaurants.

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