Adam Fleischman Wants to Open 150 Umami Burger Locations in Five Years

Breaking into the big time.
Breaking into the big time. Photo: Melissa Hom

Now that Umami Burger is a bona fide hit in New York, Adam Fleischman wants to go international. He’s planning to open 150 locations in the next five years — but that’s not all. Fleischman’s also opening additional outposts of 800 Degrees, his build-your-own-pizza restaurant, and launching Smoke.oil.salt, a Spanish restaurant on Melrose Avenue. Plus: He’s behind a new members-only food-and-art-focused club called Truffl, and at a recent event in his home, he taught members how to make burgers. The question is, just how much would you pony up to hear Fleischman say that buns should feel “kinda like a baby’s bottom” and it’s important to “treat your burger like your lover”? Figure it out: Truffl’s slated to come to New York soon. [Earlier, LAT]