Cronut Box Wears a Wig for a Good Cause

Boxed Cronuts, bottle blonde.
Boxed Cronuts, bottle blonde. Photo: Courtesy of God's Love We Deliver

Today is the first day of the Thanksgiving-themed God’s Love We Deliver cronut auction, which means online bids are now being accepted for sixteen customized boxes that will each be filled with two of Dominique Ansel’s limited-edition pumpkin cronuts and then hand-delivered to winning NYC bidders’ doorsteps on Thanksgiving morning. (The flavor includes pumpkin-cream filling and an edible gold-leaf topping.) While most of the charity auction’s boxes are relatively straightforward, scrapbook-ish affairs devised by the chipper casts of Broadway musicals and glue-gun-happy celebrities like Heidi Klum and Sandra Lee, Simon Doonan’s minimalistic cronut box has hair. A lot of hair. [Bidding Owl, Earlier]